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Tips to Avoid Locksmith Scams

It may sound quite scary but it is a fact that locksmith scams are gradually on the rise. Generally, locksmiths target homeowners and vehicle-owners when they are in their most vulnerable position and desperately looking for some immediate assistance.

When we are locked out of the house, lose keys of our wardrobes or vehicles, the first thought that crosses our minds is to get in touch with a locksmith. It is probably a smart decision; however, it is imperative to be cautious as we could become the prey of fraudulent locksmiths who are replicating the legal ones on the online directories.

Such fake locksmiths impersonate the regular ones but they don’t have an official business. In addition, they are often not trained to perform locksmith services, so here are a few vigilant steps that can be taken by you to avoid a fake locksmith company or an unqualified impersonator.

1. Do Your Research in Advance

Almost everyone needs a locksmith occasionally, so it is best that you do your research beforehand so you have the contact of a few professional and legitimate locksmiths with you.  Don’t be in a hurry, so take a good time to research.

Find out whether the locksmith is registered with a local address or not. Search the address on your browser, if it’s a real company, you will be able to find more about it on the Internet.

2. Find the Name of the Locksmith Company

If the locksmith company answers your phone without telling you the name of their business, take it seriously. Sham locksmith companies often use fake company names, addresses, and contact numbers. If a locksmith company is unreputable, fraudulent or unregistered, the person answering your call may only say ‘locksmith.’

Even if you are desperately looking for locksmith services, take a step back and ask them to provide you with a legal business name. If they don’t have a straight answer for you, then you need to search for another locksmith company.

3. Don’t Get Tempted by Low Priceslow prices

Make sure that you get a price quote when inquiring on the phone before letting any locksmith visit you. Don’t get fooled by incredibly low prices as it can be a trap.

Always ask about the breakup of the total cost including the labor cost, service fee, and other costs. Never permit anyone to work on your vehicle or home without having clear information about the cost you could incur!

4. Make Certain There are no Hidden Charges

It is crucial to make sure that there are no additional charges, especially in emergency situations. Most fraudulent companies only quote the service fee when you call them, but when they arrive at the destination, they ask for an extra fee for dealing with emergency cases.

Alternatively, they could also claim that the lock of your home or vehicle is damaged and needs to be replaced. They will charge you a huge amount for replacing the damaged lock with a new one. They might also convince you that they have installed a high-grade security lock and ask for a high amount, which is not the case. In the end, you might pay them a large amount of money for changing the old lock with a cheaper one.

5. Request a Written Estimate

Whether you are doubtful of the locksmith services or not, always ask for the total cost of their services. Even if the locksmith company gives you the cost in words, request a written estimate. This will protect you from paying an extra hidden fee and an additional service fee.

If a locksmith is not prepared to provide you with a written estimate, take it as a red flag and don’t hire them for the job. It is an indication that they are unprofessional and are looking for quick money by doing a rush job.

6. Tally the Actual Cost with the Written Estimate

If the locksmith company is professional and stable, they will quickly offer you a detailed estimation of the cost during the phone conversation. In general, the total fee is divided into several fees including the price of making a visit, the service fee, and an extra fee if there is a need to replace the lock or its part. This estimate will usually match the on-site estimate.

Locksmith companies who are looking to scam you may add extra costs upon arrival or after finishing the job. Be alert and remain safe from such fraudulent locksmiths by making proper inquiries in advance.

7. Verify Identification and License

When you have made necessary inquiries regarding the cost, make sure to ask for the locksmith’s identification and/or license when they reach the destination. Most states consider it a crime to work as a locksmith or even advertise the services without legal certifications. They have made it clear that professional locksmiths should hold appropriate certifications to offer their services to consumers.

8. Don’t Forget to Ask for Vehicle Identification

Be aware of your surroundings. If someone comes in an unmarked vehicle and says that they have come from a certain locksmith company, don’t let them begin the task. If a locksmith company is legit, it will always send their workers in a marked vehicle with their company logos, contact numbers, and brand-name.

9. Don’t Say ‘Yes’ to Lock Replacement

If a locksmith company pushes you to get the lock replaced or drilled, don’t say yes. Chances are that this company is a fraud and looking for easy and quick money. Skilled locksmiths are trained and can generally unlock any door. They only ask for a lock replacement if the door is damaged or worn out. 

10. Don’t Give Cash

Almost all the legitimate locksmith companies offer you numerous payment methods including cash, check or credit card. If a locksmith company is pushing you for a cash transaction, it is a big possibility that they are fraudulent. You can inquire about payment methods before having the job done. Ask them how they take payment, and if you find the answers are suspicious, decline. 

Be vigilant when you hire somebody to help you with your locks. Also, make sure not to leave the locksmiths unattended during the work. Your cautious attitude can prevent you from getting scammed. However, if you think you have been cheated by a locksmith, quickly get in touch with the authorities!

For reliable, trustworthy locksmiths, get in touch with us today! Our locksmiths at ABC Locksmiths are trained and licensed, ensuring you the highest level of security!

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