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Apartment Security for Renters: What You Need to Know

Moving into a new apartment? How can you be sure that it is a safe choice? Here are some things that you can check out before moving in, for optimum security.

apartment buildingIt is normal to have security concerns as an occupant of an apartment. When you are residing near other tenants with many trespassers in your area, you are at risk of intrusion and burglary.

In this article, we offer exclusive tips that will help you find the safest apartment and ways to keep your place safe when you have moved in.

Know About Local Crime

When you are searching for a new apartment, you should find out about the local areas. Find out if there is local crime information nearby. Make certain that you find out if there are any disturbing activities going on in that location before you move into the apartment.

Get in touch with the local police, neighbors, and homeowners to find out about your surroundings. You can log onto websites to get a good idea of the local criminal history in almost any society.

Check the Lighting of your Surroundings

Burglars and thieves often roam around shady and dark areas. Thus, when searching for an apartment, check hallways, parking areas, stairways, entrances, and overall surroundings to find out if there is enough lighting at night.

If you find some areas are poorly lit, talk to your landlord so you can get more lights installed. Otherwise, you can also consider installing your own motion sensor lights in areas where you need more lighting. Make sure that there is enough lighting around the entrances of your apartment.

Observe your Surroundings

Properly observe your apartment’s surroundings before finalizing the deal. Cracked drywall, broken windows, or water stains could indicate a lack of interest from the landlord. Also, find out the conditions of the lawn, whether it is well-kept or in a messy condition. If the landlord is neglecting to take care of basic repairs, perhaps they aren’t bothered with general security.

Check Apartment Entrances

Always check the security of the entrances when examining apartments. Find out if the entry door needs a passcode or key to unlock. The security of the main entrance is imperative since it helps occupants decrease loitering and break-ins. 

Install High-Security Door Locks

Getting new locks installed in your apartment will drastically reduce the risk of intruders having access to your new home. It is best that you ask your landlord if they have replaced the locks because in most cases, they don’t replace locks.

There's no way of knowing how many previous occupants still have the keys to the apartment. It is suggested that you replace your old locks with more secure ones. Another option to consider is having your locks rekeyed, this is a cheaper, yet, safe alternative to replacing the locks altogether. Remember that you don’t want anyone to get into your apartment with the old key!

Get a Peephole Installed

Before you open the door, you can see who is at your door with the help of a peephole. It is an easy yet effective way to keep you and your family safe if there’s an intruder at your door. If there is no peephole in your main door, you can ask your landlord to install one before you move in.

Get Smart with Smart Doorbell Camera

You can also consider installing a smart doorbell camera if you are looking for high-security. These types of cameras allow you to watch who’s coming to your apartment through your smartphone, so you can decide whether you want to open the door or not.

Check Window Locks

Secure window locks work to keep burglars and intruders from breaking into your home. This is extremely important for windows that are on ground level; however, it is imperative that you check all the windows because you never know how clever burglars are!

Every window is a potential entry spot for intruders so make certain that all windows have secured locks and that they are functioning properly. Also, check that they cannot be picked from the outside.

Look at Fire Escapes

Fire escapes can be a great help for people during an emergency; however, entry to balconies and windows can also invite intruders. Therefore, if your apartment has a fire escape, check if it is off the ground so that a thief cannot reach your home.

Install Extra Locks

You can further enhance your safety by installing more secure locks such as a deadbolt and a chain lock, which are tougher to pick than a regular doorknob lock. You can open a deadbolt lock by rotating the lock cylinder. The chain lock is also recommended as it allows you to talk to a stranger before completely opening the door.

You can also find various other types of secure locks that are in the budget. These locks are exclusively manufactured to keep your home, family, and belongings safe. There is a digital security system as well that you can consider installing in your house to reduce the risk of theft.

Bolster Sliding Doors

It is always good to have a balcony as they offer beautiful views and sunshine; however, they can be risky if they are poorly-secured and can offer an open invitation to burglars. Therefore, make certain that you always lock the balcony door when you are not using it, and check if your balcony doors have sufficient high-quality locks!

You can consider installing an inside bar or a pole on the track to make your sliding doors more secure. In addition, you can also consider installing a locking mechanism available on the market that comes with a metal pin.

Use Good Blinds

You can install good blinds in your home to completely hinder the view from the outside. You can close them when you are out of your home to prevent wandering intruders from checking your valuables and you can decrease your risk of break-ins. 

Keep Your Home and Family Safe!

When planning to rent an apartment, your safety should be of the utmost importance. Always take your time to explore all the security options and don’t let your landlord tell you how safe the apartment is. Survey each and every aspect of the apartment and work with your landlord to make your house a secure and happy place to live in!

To upgrade your security, or for help with any lock related issue, contact ABC Locksmiths today!

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