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Tips on How to Choose/Buy the Right Lock

When it comes to the security of your own home, the one place you are meant to feel truly safe, it is not a scenario in which you can afford to compromise. If you are not already familiar with all of the different options out there, then it can appear even more daunting when you first attempt to do research.

This is partially due to today being the age of "information overload" where there is so much data readily available for you to access, that you do not always know which sources are reliable. This makes it somewhat tricky to determine which security door lock option is the best for your home. This is where our expert locksmiths come into play, always ready to assist you with every step of your selection process.

Types of Door Locks we Install

Some of the common locks out there are, but not limited to: padlocks, dead bolts, knob locks, and rim / mortise locks.

Padlocks - Some of the most common types of locks around and the only type of locks which do not require permanent attachment to another element in order to function as they should.

Dead Bolts - These types of locks are most frequently used on external doors, often times used for the front door to a house.

Knob Locks - These locks are often used as a supplemental lock for external doors, in addition to the dead bolt on a front door, for instance.

Rim / Mortise Locks - Most commonly found on commercial or glass entry doors, although can sometimes be seen used for apartment doors.

The Keyless Entry Combination Lock

Another available type of lock is the combination lock - a lock ideal for those who would like to eliminate the fuss of losing or replacing keys, or preventing the inconvenience caused due to a lockout situation. Every method of securing your home has both advantages and disadvantages. Any locksmith who tells you otherwise is being dishonest, or has been misinformed. For example, some of the disadvantages to take into consideration are the possibility of forgotten passwords or lockouts due to power outages. The ‘key’ is, to select the one which has the benefits you are seeking in a lock and disadvantages that are not a cause for concern when it comes to your particular needs.

A Combination Of Advantages:

  • Lockout Prevention - One of the most embarrassing and inconvenient experiences that can occur as a result of home security systems is when you get locked out of your own home. This can be entirely prevented by using a combination lock, as there are no keys for you to lose, misplace or leave inside of your locked home.
  • High Security - In addition to the benefit of less hassle or lockouts, having this type of lock which does not have a corresponding key you can fit in, also means that it cannot be easily picked by burglars like most locks you find in homes.
  • Corporate Friendly - When you work in an office or corporation where large quantities of employees come and go at different times, the combination lock will save you the headache of keeping track of where your keys are or when you need to get more of them made for new hires.
  • Disability Friendly - It can sometimes be challenging to unlock a door manually with a small key, as it does require a certain level of coordination. This is why combination locks are popular with the elderly population as well as disabled individuals, or even those who simply disliked locating keys in a hurry.
  • Price Range - Whether you prefer a high-tech electronic lock or a simpler low-budget lock, combination locks come in a wide variety of types which also allows for a wider variety of prices, including one that is suitable for you.

If you would like us to help you choose and install home locks or require more information, feel free to call our experienced locksmith team nationwide at any time!

The security of your home or establishment starts at the front door, and it is prudent that you purchase a high quality lock. With so many options in the market, purchasing the best lock can be an overwhelming experience. So how do you sift the best lock from the clutter? We embarked on a project to find and test the best locks money can buy, and in this guide, we will give you actionable tips to use when choosing or buying a lock. We sort out expert locksmiths, as well as lock engineers, and got the scoop on how they choose locks for their homes and offices.

stainless steel door lock

Types of Locks in the Market

There are two main types of locks; levers and deadbolts as well as knob locks. The deadbolt is the main security, while the levers and knobs are the secondary security. Locks are not items you buy on a regular basis, and so it makes better sense to buy a high-quality lock that meets your security requires. You will need a new lock when building a new home, renovating the current home or after a break-in. There is a trend where most people go for style over functionality, and this could cost you. The type of lock you settle for is only as good as its quality. Here is our guide on how to choose a lock.

Consider the Function of the Lock

The first thing when choosing a lock is the function of the lock. Considering the room you want to lock, there are three primary functional categories: passage, entry, and privacy. With the functionality in mind, you will be able to determine the type of security you want, and the endurance of the lock.

Lock Endurance

Locks come in grades, and this is where endurance comes into play. Lock grades range from 1 through to three, where Grade 1 offers the best and highest level of security. High-security locks have hardened cylinders and unique pin configurations among other defenses. Most manufacturers do not display the grade, and so it is necessary to visit the manufacturer’s website for the lock’s grade rating.

Aesthetics of the Lock

After determining the functionality and the endurance of a lock, only then can you consider the aesthetics of a lock. All grades and types of locks come in a wide range of shapes and finishes so it is a matter of choosing the lock that will match your home’s décor. Most people agree that lock aesthetics matter a lot, but they put so much emphasis on it that they end up with a beautiful lock but of low quality.

Lock’s Price

Most people are at pains to spend top-dollar on a lock; only when you have had a break-in will you appreciate the pricier high-quality locks. The price of a lock increases given the features in the lock. Locks have also evolved and with smart locks. You will have to spend much on them. Deadbolt locks are pricier than the simple knobs and levers. Insurance companies also give a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy if you have a deadbolt lock. In the event of a break-in, you will pay more in the deductible than you would have if you bought a deadbolt lock.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are expensive, and most people will not give them a second thought. However, before you dismiss them, consider the convenience it offers especially if you have a habit of forgetting to lock the door, or you need to let cleaners and contractors into your home when you are away. With smartphone apps, you can solve these problems, and you do not have to contend with lost keys or broken keys in the lock.

Smart locks also require extra hardware in the form of a Wi-Fi bridge to enable the remote control feature. However, the extra hardware is needed because the locks cannot sustain the power needs of the W-Fi chips and they would easily drain the AA batteries that power the locks. If you want to do not want the extra expense, you can opt for electric locks that have the chip built-in.

Fire Regulations, Type of Doors, and Frames

Building regulations in many parts discourage the use of double-sided locks since they need a key to unlock the door from the inside and you can be trapped in the case of a fire. It is also important to look for UL on the package, which means that the lock meets fire standards. Hollow core doors and weak frames will give way before the lock does. No matter the type of lock you buy, ensure that the door and the frame are sturdy enough, the best option is using a box strike made of heavy-duty metal. You can also install 3-inch screws on the existing strike plate. Also, ensure that you use heavy duty hinges secured with 3-inch screws.

When securing a home or commercial space, invest in a high-quality Grade 1 deadbolt with at least a 1-inch throw to maximize the security. With the above tips, you will be able to choose and buy the proper lock for your home or office.

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