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Lock Maintenance Tips for Secure Locks

Proper lock maintenanceHave you ever gotten home after a long day at work and put your key into the front door lock and it didn’t work? As much as you stand there and push and jiggle the key it doesn’t budge the lock. What do you do next? You know your spouse will not be home for hours, so you must come up with an action plan fast. You need to call a professional locksmith service. You want a locksmith who will be able to get to your house quickly, so you are not locked out for hours and hours. This problem could have been avoided with a little bit of lock maintenance.


Lock Maintenance to Keep You Secure

Lock maintenance is something that should be performed at least once a year. There are some professionals who say that maintenance should be performed every six months. There will be times when you will be very thankful for taking the time to provide a bit of maintenance to your locks.

  • Always check your locks for wear and tear. If you are having to put your key in the lock and wiggle and jiggle it to get it to work, then it needs to be replaced. It is better to take the time and have the repairs done then having to stand out in the cold when you are locked out of your home.
  • Lubricating your locks with Teflon or graphite at least once a year. Spray the lubricant in the lock and put your key in the chamber. Move your key in and out of the lock and wipe off excess lubricant from the key. This will keep the lock running smoothly.
  • Check the door frames throughout your home. If a door is not on the hinges right it can cause too much weight on the lock itself. If the door is sagging towards the lock it can bind and not allow you access. This type of binding can cause you to be locked out or inside of your home. Being locked out or in is never fun and can be avoided.
  • Make duplicate keys when you first have the locks installed. This will come in very helpful when you lose your keys. Losing keys is something that happens to the best of us and can happen to you too. If you have a spare set in a safe place you will save yourself both time and money. There will be no running around trying to get another set to allow you back into your home.
  • The same holds true for those who have vehicle keys. Always have a spare set somewhere that is safe and that you can get to. There are times when you misplace your car keys and do not have time to be searching for them. By having an extra set, you can always look for the misplaced set after you have finished what you need to do.

When lubricating your locks make sure that you are using what is recommended for the lubricant. There have been issues with customers using other products like petroleum jelly in the locks which causes more damage than good. If you are experiencing trouble with your locks because someone has used the wrong type of lubricant, then give us a call. We are happy to come out and help to clean the lock and get it working properly. There will also be times when your locks will freeze up. We are happy to help with any type of lock problems you may be experiencing.


When its Time to Call the Pros

Lock and key maintenence

If you are having issues with your locks and not sure what the problem is, it is best to call in a professional. This is the time to get a locksmith that you can trust. Locksmiths are trained in all things security and can help you in a matter of minutes. For instance, you go out to leave for work and get into your car. You put your key into the ignition and go to turn it. The key snaps off in the ignition and you are left holding half the key. What do you do next? You call the professional locksmith and try not to panic. The locksmith will be there in a matter of minutes and has the tool to get the problem fixed.

Our affordable locksmith prices allow our customers to have the best I locks, home security and lock maintenance. We are the ones to contact when you have that key break in your door or vehicle ignition. There will be times when you need a locksmith in an emergency and have to call on us. Rest assured, we are dedicated to you and your family in all areas of security. Never hesitate to call your locksmith when you have questions regarding locks and security.

It is best to have a relationship with a locksmith before needing one in an emergency situation. Expert locksmiths do not have to cost a fortune, and most are quite affordable. Over the years we have handle thousands of emergencies and have managed to get to our customers in a timely manner to help them.


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