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Selecting a Hi-Tech Security Lock

If you have a front door lock that needs replacing, instead of opting to replace it with a similar style lock, you might want to consider installing a hi- tech security lock on it instead.

Smart home security locks allow individuals to access their living spaces without requiring them to use a key. They come in various styles, with a range of functionalities, and they offer a comparable and many times, improved level of security to the standard home door locks on the market.

Making Your Selection? Here’s What to Consider:

Think about how secure the lock that you are choosing is.

How well will your lock be able to protect your home from thieves?  It is a good idea to think about what your particular needs are when it comes to installing a home lock.  There are many varieties of smart locks that are available for purchase today, so being clear on what your expectations are will help you narrow down your selection. As with all home locks, you’ll want to make sure that the lock you choose matches your unique taste and style.

Popular Smart Lock Options to Choose From:   

  • Biometric fingerprint recognition locks – This door lock is a keyless entry system that instead of unlocking with the use of a key, unlocks when it recognizes finger prints on it. It is a convenient solution for homes that have many residents in it, and it can be operated by children, so that you never have to worry about them losing their house keys again.
  • Locks that are controlled by Smartphones – With a cell phone in hand, the entire world is at your fingertips. Now, you can even use your cell phone to unlock your front door! Some locks will unlock when you swipe a button on your smartphone. Other locks don’t require you to do anything, as long as your phone is somewhere on your person, it will automatically unlock your door for you without needing to press a button.
  • Remote controlled hi-security deadbolts – These deadbolts lock and unlock with the use of a compact remote control system, similar to the remote controls that open and close car doors. They are very easy to lock and unlock and because they are deadbolts, they are an extremely secure option.
  • Hi-tech doorbells – For those who are handicapped or bedridden, it is not enough to simply have a way to lock and unlock the front door from a distance, they also need a way of knowing who is at their door when the bell rings. Smart doorbells are very hi-tech. They come with a security camera attachment that allows bedridden residents the ability to see who is at their door, and to allow them to communicate via an intercom system in order to determine who should be allowed to enter and who shouldn’t be allowed to come inside an individual’s home.

Our locksmiths can help you install a smart lock on your front door. Call us today, we are glad to assist you!


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